Can an Accounting Firm Handle Any Tax Issues?

Taxes are tough. Unless you were blessed with an advanced knack for numbers and calculations, anything related to the ever-dreaded tax season is a source of stress, and for many, it’s a potential wrench in the gears for your business plan. With taxes, every single number matters to a critical degree, and the margin for error is slim. Because of this, most businesses and individuals with complicated taxes use an accountant.But… what do Denver Accounting Firms really do for you? Can they handle everything that tax season throws your way? Where is the line drawn within their services and when is it time for you to take over certain parts of taxes?Well, the answer to that is up to you for the most part. At Nguyen & Associates, we offer full tax seasons, from planning to preparation to solutions. These are considered a separate service to our usual accounting offers, but it’s what our clients utilize the most. Let’s learn more about the different areas of accounting and taxes, and how they overlap.

Tax Prep

Everyone in America can benefit from tax prep services, or at least a good routine in place for yourself, if you don’t use an accountant for this part of the ordeal. When you prepare for taxes, you are taking small steps early on to avoid massive projects, or at least more than necessary, closer to filing season. Most of the time, these little habits will be left up to your accountant.A professional tax preparer will ensure you have your documents in order, double-checked for accuracy, as well as a running and constantly updated list of expenses within your business, and a filing system for receipts and statements. Your money is tracked and handled and pre-organized for when it comes time to get your taxes finished at the start of the year.

Tax Planning

A successful business will go beyond just preparing for taxes. They plan ahead. This is where the help from an accountant really comes into play. With an ever-changing list of rules and guidelines created by the government regarding taxes, the laws are in constant motion. Planning for the best ways to get deductions and maximize your return, as well as post-tax revenue, can skyrocket your business’ financials into a new level entirely.

Tax Solutions

Finally, with the tax resolution services we offer, you can get access to a CPA that can walk through the entire process with you. The IRS can be a hassle, especially if you’re caught in an audit or there was a glitch in the tax matrix somewhere, and you’ve come under fire. Having a knowledge hand to guide you through the misery that the government can easily inflict on a business is more helpful than can be explained without experiencing the circus for yourself.

Our Tax Resolutions

At Nguyen & Associates, our ultimate goal is to walk with you every step of the way, from tax prep to the finalized filing, and create a long-lasting business partnership together.

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